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Governing body

Canterbury and Coastal Clinical Commissioning Group has a governing body of local GPs, plus one registered nurse, hospital doctor and lay members working with a network of health professionals.

To find out more about the roles and responsibilities of CCG governing body members, please see the NHS England website.

For information about the content of our meetings, please see the meetings and papers section. 

Click on the photos below to find out more about each member:

Dr Simon Dunn
Dr Simon Dunn, Clinical Chair
Simon Lundy
Dr Simon Lundy, Assistant Clinical Chair
Glenn Douglas
Glenn Douglas, Accountable Officer
Caroline Selkirk
Caroline Selkirk, Managing Director


Zoe Chidwick
Zoe Chidwick, Chief Finance Officer
Sarah Vaux, Chief Nurse
Ms Lorraine Goodsell
Ms Lorraine Goodsell, Interim Local Care Director
Dr Chris Healy
Dr Chris Healy, Town lead for Sandwich and Ash

GP Town Team Representatives

Dr Dan Moore, GP- Faversham locality
Dr Dan Moore, GP- Faversham locality
Dr Mark Jones
Dr Mark Jones, GP
John Ribchester
Dr John Ribchester, Whitstable representative
Dr Santhosh Sebastian
Dr Santhosh Sebastian, GP

Secondary Care Clinician and Lay members


Dr Alistair Challiner, Secondary Care Clinician
Dr Alistair Challiner, Secondary Care Clinician
Jackie Bell
Jackie Bell, Lay Member
Ana small photo
Ana Paula Nacif, lay member (Public and Patient Engagement)
Jonathan Sexton
Jonathan Sexton, Independent member for Strategic Health Planning

Regularly in attendance (in a non-voting capacity)


Wendy Jeffreys
Wendy Jeffreys, Consultant in Public Health
Matthew Capper
Matthew Capper, Company Secretary
Anthony May
Anthony May, Head of Corporate Services

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