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How children and young people's voices shape the delivery of the transformation plan

Two Youth Emotional Wellbeing Participation Workers were recruited in 2019 to increase participation and engagement in the delivery of the transformation plan. They specifically work with young people who have faced adversity and who are vulnerable including young people in the criminal justice system, those out of mainstream education and young people who are LGBTQ.

The Youth Participation Workers assisted young people with the delivery and facilitation of the first NHS England and CCG Youth Summit event in April 2019. They provided opportunities for young people to be involved in planning the event, naming it, producing the logo and event lanyards and having their stories heard throughout the day.

Our Participation Workers have helped young people set up Emotional Wellbeing Participation (EWP) groups within community hubs and youth centres across Kent. EWP Groups provide young people with support and training around participation to enable young people to feel confident to share their voice and views. Young people can build on existing interests and skills in relation to being involved in the design, delivery and evaluation of services, and also provide opportunities for them to build peer support networks around them with others who may have similar experiences to themselves. 

All young people that attend local district EWP groups are also invited to attend the county wide youth fora events, that take place all Saturday once a month in Maidstone. These include young people from Kent Youth County Council and HeadStart Kent services.

This commitment to engaging with children and young people is consistent across the CCG’s work on to support children, young people and young adults’ emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health 

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