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Our vision and values

NHS Canterbury and Coastal CCG wants to be an organisation that patients trust to “listen, learn and deliver”. We want to provide you with the highest quality, cost effective and compassionate care, as close to home as possible and, to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities, so you can live long and healthy lives. 

We will also work to continually improve health care services by both actively listening to, and acting on, the concerns and views of our patients and their families. 

Our vision

The highest quality health and wellbeing for our communities

Our mission

To work collaboratively with partner organisations, locally led by clinicians, to commission and monitor the highest quality cost-effective and compassionate care as close to home for patients as possible to deliver the best quality outcomes for all.

Our values

Our values describe our commitment:

  • Caring
    We actively demonstrate care and compassion for others
  • Population Focussed
    Our patients are the focus of all we do
  • Reliable
    We are competent, and take responsibility for our actions and the resources we use
  • Respect
    We act with due regard and consideration for others
  • Transparency
    We act with openness, honesty and clarity