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Working together to improve the local NHS

The four clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in east Kent are working together to transform the local NHS and provide better care for all our patients.

Working closer together in this way will make better use of resources, our time, staff, and budgets, and bring improvements that our patients want and deserve.

We have agreed changes to our management structure and committees to reduce duplication and focus on our priorities.

Each CCG will continue to have separate governing body meetings in public but these will happen over a shorter time period than before. We have also brought our separate Primary Care Co-Commissioning Committees together as one east Kent committee. This will help us be more efficient, while ensuring that all four CCGs are represented properly.

Executive structure

  • Managing Director - Caroline Selkirk
  • Deputy Managing Director - Lorraine Goodsell
  • Primary Care Director - Bill Millar
  • Contracting Director - Mark Needham
  • Local Care Director - Oena Windibank
  • Corporate Services and Governance Director - Matt Capper
  • Chief Nurse - Sarah Vaux
  • Director of Commissioning  - Karen Benbow
  • Director of Partnerships and Membership Engagement  - Ailsa Ogilvie