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Canterbury and rural areas


Variation should be noted in the general indicators of health status across both the City and some of the rural areas. This is particularly reflected in different average life expectancies and morbidity (see for example the neighbouring wards of St Stephen’s and Northgate).

The concentration of young people particularly the student populations have specific health needs that need to be addressed. The central Canterbury wards contain high numbers of people who smoke. The City wards and the Sturry North area exhibit high rates of alcohol misuse. Overall there are higher rates of cancer registrations, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mental illness compared to the CCG area as a whole. This Town Team might also consider the general health challenges of people living in rural areas.


The Canterbury and Rural Team should:

  • Seek to influence the CCG Board’s commissioning response to ensure that particular clinical needs of Canterbury City and rural residents are recognised;

  • Work more closely with children’s centres and youth services;

  • Work closely with the local voluntary sector to strengthen the overall response to need including where necessary commissioning the voluntary sector to undertake allied work;

  • Ensure that the particular needs of the student population are addressed and maintained;

  • Explore the evident misuse of alcohol amongst specific segments of local communities (NB this is more than a young person’s issue) and determine how the local health professional communities might support measures and initiatives to manage this issue down.

(Source: Canterbury and Coastal Clinical Commissioning Group, Health Needs Assessment, September 2012)