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Herne Bay


Some parts of Herne Bay (notably Heron and Greenhill wards) have high concentrations of residents living in disadvantage, affecting children (child poverty), older people (pensioner poverty), have higher rates of prevalence in teenage pregnancy, smoking and adult obesity, higher rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease.


The Herne Bay team should:

  • Seek to influence the CCG Board’s commissioning response to ensure that particular clinical needs of Herne Bay residents are recognised;
  • Work more closely with children’s centres and youth services;
  • Work closely with the local voluntary sector to strengthen the overall response to need including where necessary commissioning the voluntary sector to undertake allied work;
  • Canterbury City Council has plans for the regeneration of central Herne Bay. The Town Team may wish to acquaint themselves with the detail of the related health impact assessment and support the Public Health team and the Community Health and Wellbeing Group in sustaining the HIA’s recommendations.


(Source: Canterbury and Coastal Clinical Commissioning Group, Health Needs Assessment, September 2012)