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Sandwich and Ash


Parts of Sandwich and the outlying areas contain higher numbers of children in poverty and also pensioner poverty. It is concerning that the Sandwich area did not benefit from the children’s centre development programme of the previous decade. Accordingly particular attention needs to be paid to safeguarding the early years provision supporting children and families in the Ash and Sandwich areas.

There are higher than average rates of diabetes and compared to the CCG area as a whole, notably higher rates of mental illness.


The Sandwich and Ash team should:

  • Seek to influence the CCG Board’s commissioning response to ensure that particular clinical needs of Sandwich and Ash residents are recognised;
  • Work closely with the local voluntary sector to strengthen the overall response to need including where necessary commissioning the voluntary sector to undertake allied work;
  • Monitor existing early years provision, strengthen relationships with primary care services and if necessary raise any concerns about changes in commissioning policy (primarily KCC) to early years provision as it may affect the Sandwich and Ash areas and related hinterland.


(Source: Canterbury and Coastal Clinical Commissioning Group, Health Needs Assessment, September 2012)